Saturday, January 20, 2007

31 days

It's exactly a month from my birthday.

You know, the birthday.

That coming-of-age birthday.
No, 21 doesn't really count.


I will be that dreaded 24 in exactly a month.

Contrary to what people say (or think), I don't think 24 is really that cool an age to be.

I mean, come on, being almost 24 just turned me into someone who's moved to the rank of an old fogey.

Like, hello. I'm moving into my mid 20s already dammit.

So uncool.

I spent my 23rd birthday on shoot. I spent my 22nd birthday on shoot. I spent my 21st birthday at home, sick, because I was shooting the day before.

God must really love me this year. Because He's not making me work on my 24th birthday.

Instead, He chose to let it fall on the third day of Chinese New Year, where almost every single one of my cinapek friends will be spending the festive season with their families. Probably outstation.

How like that? You tell me lah? Howwwwww?

But I do have plans lined up for myself this year.

Yes, to commemorate that coming-of-age nonsense.

I didn't say I'll tell you what they are.

Alternatively, if you love me enough, you'd read the sidebar to find suitable gifts for me.

You know I love you, too.

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