Thursday, March 29, 2007

Temporary gap

I went for my fourth adjustment yesterday.

Videos later, work has been crazy.

My orthodontist had my teeth trimmed again.

Both my canines were trimmed the day I got my braces on because they were pushing on the lower wire when I bite and the orthodontist was afraid that it might break the lower brackets. So basically my canines were sawed off and evened out.

I never even knew they were that sharp in the first place.

Yesterday, after the usual checks with that tiny mirror she puts in my mouth, she discovered a black triangle.

It's between my two front teeth. As seen in previous videos, I don't have that gap anymore. But because my gums have receded over the years, even though my gap is gone and my front teeth are sitting side by side, there's still a little triangle left where the gums were supposed to be.

Solution, my teeth have to be trimmed to get rid of the black triangle.

So with my teeth trimmed again, I have a little gap that goes straight down, about a milimeter wide. It'll close in time, before the month is out.

It's hard to imagine what it looks like, but hopefully I'll have a video up before the gap closes completely.

Work's been crazy, you know.

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