Sunday, March 18, 2007

Third month

Been meaning to post updates on my braced situation. But seeing that I'd posted up a video to wish Miss Fabulous Friday last week, I have successfully sabotaged myself.

This was from Mei's new phone. She was having a grand time with it and had recorded this without my knowledge when we were having lunch at Chili's right after my third adjustment.

[I had Citrus Fire Prawns (or something with that name) and it's actually the same thing I order each time I eat there. Seriously good, I tell you.]

Video dated 28th February 2007.

I was trying to tell Mei a funny story in this video. I've watched this video 3 times. It still isn't funny.

I think I'm highly unfunny =( And my mouth movements are seriously weird.

On another note: Only 1 more week to my fourth adjustment.



.•º lilmissmei º•. said...

why is no sync one?

Disco Ball Pixie said...

ya meh? i didn't notice. hahahaha