Friday, May 25, 2007

Almost forgotten memories

Trying to clear up the picture folder in my phone, and I came across some very nice surprises.

This truck in really hot pink was parked in SS15 in Subang when I went there to have dinner with my family somewhere in March 07. It's really cute.

Vincent, the audio guy from AddAudio, took this picture of me when we were on shoot in December 06. I wasn't aware. As you can see, I haven't got my braces on yet at that time.

A whole bunch/gaggle/group/whatever of iguanas in Pets Wonderland in 1 Utama in January 07. I found them really funny because they kept trying to get on top of each other and then one falls eventually and the cycle starts all over again.

Open burning. Bad, very bad. It looks a lot smaller in the picture, that trail of smoke. But it was a lot bigger and was already clouding the sky. I could almost smell it from inside my car. Taken when I was leaving college somewhere in February 07.

One of the people I really, really miss. Azzuhri works in Sydney and he was back here for a week recently. We used to go to school together and back then, everyday he'd ask me, "Do you miss me?" I said no all the time. But now I really do.


mr wanna said...

i need the contact for the pink truck!! And who's that *wink* *wink* with you in the last pix? Care to share? Share as in, you have him for the weekdays and i do the weekend shift...aww

Disco Ball Pixie said...

you just come for dinner with me in subang one day and you'll see the pink truck. the color is a lot brighter than in the picture!

you like azzuhri? *wink wink*