Thursday, June 28, 2007


I made a new friend a few Fridays ago. Her name is Carol.

Carol is in her late 30s and she is disabled. Physically, Carol is the size of a 2 year old child. Her limbs are not properly formed and she is wheelchair bound.

But Carol has the sunniest personality. When she giggles, it is so infectious that I couldn’t help but giggle along.

I had noticed Carol right from the start and I couldn’t help but go up to her to say hello.

“Hello,” I said to the little lady.

“Hi, Joy,” Carol took a quick glance at my name tag and gave me a smile that would warm the coldest of hearts.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“My name is Carol,” she said with that smile on her face.

I extended my hand. “Nice to meet you Carol. I think you’re really cute.”

Carol chuckled and put her small hand into mine. “No lah, normal only mah."

For no particular reason, I found myself chuckling along, and my chuckles turned into a full-blown laugh.

"So why are you here, Joy?" Carol asked me.

I pointed to my nametag. It read DOCUMENTATION TEAM.

"Oh," Carol marveled, her eyes filled with wonder. "So what do you really do? Are you a student?"

So I told Carol that I'm in advertising and she must've seen that look on my face.

Her small hand touched my arm and she said, with eyes full of kindness and assurance, " Don't worry, Joy. Something is always better than nothing."

That moment, I felt smaller than my new friend there. But when I woke up the morning after, my heart was a lot lighter than it had ever been.

Something is always better than nothing.


CatsTail said...

you just made me cry this morning :(

i'm not going thru an emo stage.. but someone else going thru an emo stage with me.. and i can't help crying about the statement "something is always better than nothing"

thing is i cannot give something, i can only give everything.. but i don't have everything to give and that's why this someone is still in the emo state..


Mr Wanna said...

Very well said indeed, 'something is always better than nothing' Just be patience. You're not very far off.

Disco Ball Pixie said...

catstail> very well said. most people can't understand that something is always, always better than nothing. people

mr-wanna> getting there =)