Thursday, June 21, 2007

Useless Information

1. Your gender: female
2. Are you liking someone: ah, yes =)
3. Are you hungry: a little
4. Are you bored: not exactly, but I figured this blog needs updating
5. Your birthday: 20th February (everyone, drill this into your heads)
6. Age you wish you were: maybe 5, maybe 15, maybe 25, I haven't decided
7. The color of your hair: black with random streaks of blond
8. Color you wish your hair was: hot pink
9. The color of your eyes: dark brown
10. Got any piercing: 5 on ears and 1 on nose
11. Want anything pierced: not at the moment
12. Tattoos: one on my lower back
13. Who do you like: kids, funny old people, please refer to Question 2

. :HAVE YOU :.

15. Read the newspaper: not today
16. Get told you're on crack: possibly
17. Talk to strangers: yes, I did that the whole of last weekend
18. Take walks in the rain: walking while caught in the rain, yes
19. Drive: today, not yet
20. Like to drive: not really
21. Been out of the country: yes
22. Been in love: yes
23. Regret it: not really
24. Gone skinny dipping: not yet
25. Had a surgery: twice
26. Ran away from home: hahaha, yes, somewhat
27. Played strip poker: never, I have major insecurities about my body
28. Been loved: everyday
29. Been on stage: yes
30. Slept outdoors: yes
31. Made a Prank phone call: yes
32. Pulled an all-nighter: how about 2-nighters?
33. Sleep Walked: never
34. Sleep Talked: I probably mumble incoherently
35. Cried yourself to sleep: yes
36. Slept all day: yes
37. Killed someone: not yet
38. Made out with a stranger: I'm a prude, so, no
39. Had sex with a stranger: didn't I say I'm a prude?
40. Kissed someone: yes
41. Regret it: no
42. Been betrayed: yes, and I'd like to remind that person that karma hits you in the face 3-fold
43. Broken the law: in itty-bitty ways, I suppose
44. Met a famous person: hahaha, last week
45. Been on radio-tv: yes
46. Been in a mosh-pit: no, I dislike mingling with sweaty people
47. Had a nervous breakdown: yes
48. Danced naked: I don't dance
49. Repeated Dream: yes
50. Shoe brand you prefer: I like Roxy and Reef slippers
51. Wear hats: no, I have a small head
52. Judge people: I try very hard not to
53. Listening To: the fading sounds of police sirens near my house
54. Own 10 pairs of shoes: I'm a girl, hello?
55. Favorite place to shop: pasar malam, food galore
56. Comfortable clothing: I live for comfortable clothing
57. What's your style: work: always 5 seasons behind


58. Miracles: yes
59. Angels: yes
60. Magic: yes
61. Ghost: yes
62. Shirt: excuse me?
63. Birth: what?
64. Easter Bunny: hahahaha
65. Cupid: you think?
66. Sex before marriage: what's there to believe or not?
67. The death penalty: depends on the subject at hand


68. Best friends: what about my best friends?
69. Everyone lies : yes
70. Ying and Yang: my parents
71. Love at first sight: maybe
72. Remember your first love: yes
73. What do you find romantic: thinking of answers for this questionnaire gives me a blood clot
74. Do you look at looks alone: visually, of course it should be pleasing
75. Flirt to get for attention: first, I have to learn how to flirt
76. Time goes by too fast: when I'm having fun, yeah
77. Like someone: I hate repetitions


78. That you laughed at: my brother
79. That laughed at you: my brother
80. Person that made you smile: my mum
81. You went shopping with: the imaginary friend who was urging me to buy more junk food
82. To disappoint you: myself
83. Last time you took shower: I had the company of a stupid cockroach, if that counts
84. To brighten up your day: Wendy
85. Person you kissed: most likely a young child =)
86. You Dumped : this dude I found too suffocating
87. Food you ate: some chocolatey thing with nuts
88. Talked to through IM: Skype, Miss Kennedy
89. You Hugged: Li-Ann
90. You texted: Wendy
91. You were in love with: not-so-right people
92. You Fought: don't remember cos I haven't fought lately =)


93. Food: OMG this question is highly unfair
94. Girl: my niece Tung-tung
95. Boy: my shy nephew
96. Park: the one in Sydney, don't remember the name anymore
97. Sport: surfing (the internet)
98. Position: asleep and oblivious to the world
99. Pet: puppies *heart*
100.Favorite Quote?: Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong - Murphy's Law


Anonymous said...

dam 9 tak harn... yat pak kuo wah tai dou bei lei tap doe... lei hou yeh!

ngong beng

Disco Ball Pixie said...

you lagi tak harn right? leaving comments in cantonese =P

leo said...

ahhahaha chi 9 sin

Disco Ball Pixie said...

wtf man. is it insult joy week and someone forgot to pass me the memo?