Thursday, July 12, 2007

The side of me you will never see

I wake up when I want to, because I don't often have the luxury of time for that.

I go out when I want to, because I'd rather stay home for a few extra hours to catch up on sleep.

I do what I want and when I want to, because I spend most of my time doing what others want.

I get pissed drunk sometimes, because it makes me happy to be in that stupid problem-free situation.

I am spoiled, only because my family and my friends care for me enough to spoil me.

My life is one big party and there is nothing in this world I care about.

I am such a brat.

I have no responsibilities.

What you don't know, are the things you don't see when I go home so late and everyone's asleep because I spent another 20 hours at work.

What you don't know, is how the loneliness eats me up and there isn't anyone to go home to.

What you don't know, is how sometimes the responsibilities and obligations get to me so much that I just want to run away from it all.

What you don't know, is that you saw only the side of me who wants to be happy.

What you don't know, is how sometimes I can be such a wreck that I need that high on life from all the things I do, all the things you frown upon.

What you don't know, is how disappointed I get when I give everything I have and it is never enough.

You wouldn't know, because you never asked.

Thank you, for judging me.


Miss Smith said...

wah... very intense.

.•º lilmissmei º•. said...

wow.. us pisceans are really not happy bunnies lately huh?

but as joanne would say "this too shall pass"

or we just jump into the ocean this 18th and wish we surface in maldives...

Disco Ball Pixie said...

miss smith> aku saja drama

lilmissmei> maldivessssssssssssssss i want

Mr Wanna said...

See! Didn't i say everyone is jumping onto the 'depressed blog' bandwagon as of late. I too want to join in! What shall i be depressed of? Think. Think. Think. Argh!

Miss Smith said...

pixie - intense nonetheless ;)

mei - you're right, i would say that. and it true...

shan - you're in denial.