Tuesday, November 6, 2007

KLite lost in Shanghai

***This post will stay up, but watch out for the ones below as well***

People tell me Shanghai is the New York of China.

I believe them.

You can take a girl out of KL, but you can't take the KL out of the girl.

Of course, when I said KL, I really meant sakai.

The Grand Hyatt at Jin Mao tower. Current tallest building in Shanghai at 88 floors.

Hello you small people down there =)

We never had this in Malaysia. See how it's half brown and half green =)

Dong Tai Road. And I was there.

JUMP! Pixie did Shanghai!


eMs said...

sakaism maximus

ADLinA said...

how's everything there gurl?hehe,issit cold there?enjoy there while still can ;)