Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Into the Wild

He said this movie made him cry so I watched it.

All the way to the end. But I didn't cry.

Perhaps this is a man's movie.

Perhaps he'd hyped it up too much and my expectations grew bigger as the days passed and I waited for the download to complete.

The gist of it, is a man who was born with a silver spoon and spat it out. In fact, he graduated from college and turned his back on living the American dream and gave all his money to charity, burned what remaining money he has on hand, threw all forms of identification away, and hitch hiked his way to Alaska.

He lived like a man who didn't exist. He hunted for his food, he walked, he swam, he built shelters.

And then one day, he eats a poisonous plant that eventually led to his death. In the wild. With neither money nor identification. Alone.

See, for some people this was a journey to self discovery. It was an adventure of a lifetime that was worth every breath.

Maybe that was why he liked it.

For me, who I am and what I become are defined by the people around me. They are the people who make me whole. As much of a loner as I may be, I fear the thought of dying alone.

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