Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ocean's Twelve

Anyone who's seen Ocean's Eleven would want to watch the sequel.

Yours truly, included, of course. Nevermind the fact that I'm just about 5 years too late.

Better late than never, right?

Truthfully, I can hardly remember Ocean's Eleven now, but I remember that I liked it. Casino heist? The Bellagio? The old dude having a heart attack? Diamonds, maybe? Yeah, it was probably somewhere along those lines.

So in this installment, Danny Ocean brings his team to Europe. Cue: Enter two lovely ladies.

I've forgotten how smoking hot Catherine Zeta-Jones is until I saw her in Ocean's Twelve. But that was Catherine Zeta-Jones 5 years ago, no?

Oh, and Julia Roberts impersonating Julia Roberts. That bit was pretty classic. I love.

I've got goldfish memory, which might be a good thing sometimes. It gives me good excuses for horrible reviews.

One of my highlights would be Bernie Mac getting caught while in the midst of a pedicure. I've only ever seen a grown man getting a pedicure once. And he was white. Fat. Old.

The other would have to be Albert Finney, that "Night Fox", doing his sexy dance-thing in his even sexier shirtless physique.

As everyone would predict, all's well will eventually end well.

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Zardoz said...

he hehe.. i just re-stumbled here again.. so. does it mean in another 3 years you will write about ocean's thirteen?