Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Any blind person would've been able to figure out by now that I'm on a Jdorama rampage.

Yes, rampage.

Akihabara@DEEP must be one of my favorite dramas, ever. Japanese or not.

Having been to Akihabara almost a year ago, I was fascinated by the sights and sounds of this strange city. People are different, almost like an alien race. I felt strangely misplaced.

But having seen this, the characters in the drama were just as, if not more, misplaced than I am.

Six strangers brought together by their "savior" known only by the name Yui weathered sunshine and storm as a tight unit to become a group of unlikely friends. Misfits.

But, oh, how they loved Akihabara.

There isn't really a grand plot in the drama, but watch it if you want to validate all your questions about what Japan is like.

Highly recommended.

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