Monday, July 13, 2009

Circa 2006/2007

Possibly the last time I saw Suraya in 2007. TGIF Subang Parade for Quant's surprise dinner that didn't work out when she was more than an hour late.

Most likely on shoot or recce somewhere after the rain. Circa 2007 because picture is taken with my old phone.

There was a time I liked dark, dark nail polish. It was the same time I had my monthly manicures (God knows how I afforded them). Circa 2006 because braces are not on yet.

Think it was Edwin who took this picture. Or was it Shan? My early days in Carrot Films. Circa 2006.

Must've been taken on the same day as the above two. Connie was a PA in Axis when I was just a lowly intern. Today, she's a producer. Circa 2006.

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