Friday, July 31, 2009

I is Malaysian

And there are things that make me really can't stand my own kind.

We have seemed to lose the ability to indicate when driving like an Ah Beng. Want to overtake, just overtake loh.

Many Malaysian drivers have also taken a liking to white headlights. Eh stupid, don't know that it's very glaring, is it?

Most of us also have this baffling habit of littering. It appears that our elders have taught us to litter in people's offices. No place to throw your sweet wrappers or asamboi seed ah? Nevermind, just throw on the floor only.

Then there is customer service. "Please press 1 for English" and the operator who comes on will ask you "Ye, macam mana saya boleh membantu?" National language mah, all must know.

We Malaysians are also very busy people. Which is why we must always answer our calls in the cinema, in the middle of a very emotional scene. While we speak to the other person who can't hear our whispers (so we raise our voices), we must also shake one foot or kick the seat in front. What? I paid already wor. Got problem is it?

Bargaining is in our blood, therefor every single price tag that is thrown our way will be met with a shocking "Wah, why so expensive one?" Upon giving a massive discount, whereby you'd have to suffer losses and maybe sell off your car just to please that person, the next thing to reach your ears would be "So cheap donno whether good or not one. Dowan lah." Aiyah, we must always get the best deal what.

Our neighbors are also very considerate people. Why else would they park their car outside your house for 2 weeks, leaving you no option but to park 200m away from home, when they have ample space inside their own compound? Oh, because they don't want to damage their lawn, so understandable lah.

I is Malaysian.

Malaysia is beautiful.

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Zardoz said...

eh, i always indicate ok..