Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Attention Please

This is perhaps the one drama that I learned the most Japanese words/terms from.

Many may not know, but when I was little, I wanted to be an air stewardess (the Japanese call it cabin attendant). And even up till I was in college, I held on to that one dream of traipsing the world with a luggage trolley in uniform.

That, of course, didn't happen because I ended up just watching a Japanese drama that is based on the airline industry.


Misaki Yoko, clumsiest, worst, most obnoxious trainee cabin attendant. Ever.

She doesn't dress the part. Doesn't do what the instructor teaches. Goes where and when she pleases.

But this Misaki, she's quite something when she puts her heart and her head into being a good cabin attendant.

She may fumble, she may fall. She may even fail. Then again, isnt't thats how we all are in life?

We decide to want something on a whim, dive headfirst into the matter without thinking it over at all. Then before we know it, we're fumbling and falling and close to giving up, wondering what in the world possessed us to do what we did. Some of us grit our teeth and put our hearts into it to rise to the occasion.

Like Misaki.

And along the way, we discover a little bit more about ourselves. We learn about people and relationships. We grow up and become more comfortable in our own skin.

I laughed a lot watching this, cried some.

Misaki Yoko may seem like the most irritating person on earth. But like a lot of things, she grows on you. And you can help but root for her.

Recommended for the cabin attendant wannabes.

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