Wednesday, October 14, 2009


This drama has redefined my profound love for Italian food (and stupidity for deleting subtitle files, but that is another story, of course). Really.

Every episode tempts you with mouth watering Italian fare (and the best part is that sometimes they're generous enough to let you pick up some hints here and there on how to cook the dishes!) and desserts.

See, that title picture doesn't do the drama justice. But to be really honest, if not for the food, I don't think there was much of a story, anyway.

Now, I'm sure Waiters of the World Association (or something like that) would disagree with me if I said that a huge chunk of the show went into glorifying waiting on tables. Mr. Waiter, you may now stone me to a slow and painful death.

Really, now. I have waited on tables myself and know for a fact the kind of idiot diners that exist to make my life hell. But, hey, haven't we seen all that already in just about every other show there is?

Therein lies the originality of the show--the fusion of Italian Japanese food.

So, to give a very brief summary of what Bambino is about, let's just say it's about a naive young man from Fukuoka called Ban who went to Roppongi in hopes of becoming a star chef in Baccanale.

Of course, things don't work out the way he wants them to. And of course, we have to bear witness to the struggles of his young life in the business. Of course, as with other Japanese dramas, they're always running in the streets.

"Why is he running?"

"Because he is young."

Please, please, watch it for the food. Please. It will make you crave all things Italian for the months to come.

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