Sunday, November 29, 2009


One of my least favorites.

And I didn't manage to get the subtitles to work for the special episode.


Noda-kun (yes, suffixed -kun even though she's a woman) is nicknamed by her younger co-worker as Anego due to her superhuman abilities to multitask, help others, educate freshies as well as have a fling with a married man.

Although said to be very realistic (I can probably say that is probably true with less dramatics), there isn't the X factor that will make me root for her, want her to win, or even just like her.

Way past 30 and with no prospects of setting up house and popping babies anytime soon, who wouldn't be worried? I know I would be (and I'm walking right down that path, destination in sight).

Just, you know, I have a thing against people coming in between a marriage. And she did exactly just that.

No, I will not sympathize.

Noda Naoko - 0 points.

I watched this halfheartedly and I don't even remember why I took an entire day to try get the subtitles to work.


I wouldn't say "Don't watch it", but well, I don't recommend it, either.

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