Monday, November 9, 2009


This was one of the very first few dramas that I got myself hooked on when I started watching JDramas.

But having said that, Gokusen really isn't anything to shout about.

Expect anime-like behaviour, funky sound effects, a lot of exaggerated fights, and there you've seen them all.

Gokusen basically runs on the same tried, tested, and apparently successful (the sole reason for having 3 seasons and a full length feature film under the same title) formula of naive teacher saves the world and wins the hearts of her delinquent students.

The end.


If you've seen the first couple of episodes, then you've basically summed up the entire 3 seasons.

In the beginning of every season, we see the Yakuza descendant teacher being transferred to the worst class in the school. Everyone hates her. She tries to understand them. They get into trouble and fights, she comes to save them with her absurdly incredible strength (she usually beats up about 30 guys in one go by herself).

And there, by the end of the season, the delinquent class miraculously graduates from high school with their diplomas in hand. Not only that, a lot of them seemed to have turned over a new leaf, too.

So everyone's happy.

The end.

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