Thursday, January 7, 2010


I love this drama. Love.

It's a little hard to summarize what this drama is really about except that there are two boys who, for the love of baseball, became best friends.

Harada Takumi, arrogant, handsome, quiet and broody. He's the best pitcher there is in the prefecture. It was rumored that no catcher is able to catch his fast pitch.

Until he moved to his grandfather's house and met Nagakura Go, who is everything Takumi isn't. Cheerful, responsible, sociable, good manners.

Go became the first person to ever be able to catch Takumi's legendary fast pitch. And when he did, he asked Takumi, "Doesn't it ever get lonely out there, with no catcher to catch your fast ball?"

More than just baseball and the friendship of two boys, there are a lot of other layers and characters to be unearthed in this drama. Everyone has a story of his own, everyone is equally important, everyone plays a part.

"The catcher is the pitcher's wife."

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