Monday, March 22, 2010

Karl's cat

So here I am at my desk, trying not to notice the camera assistants spending way too much time in our office space and moving their things around really loudly.

I'm not pretending to work, really. If you'd like to know, there is a shit load to be done, every single hour. And that in itself is probably a slight understatement.

Sometimes, it's nice to look up and watch people (namely Matthias and Karl) do their thing and not give a rat's ass about the calls and paperwork and chaos the rest of us in the office are dealing with. They fiddle around with their fancy tools and equipment and always seemed like they were a lot more serious in their work than I am. Or maybe they're just more absorbed. Whatever.

Anyway, Karl was camping out in front of my desk for wifi. He said to me, "Oh, you know, I miss my cat in Germany so much."

I wasn't sure what the correct reply would be. After all, Karl and I aren't friends. Although we've exchanged pleasantries but we've never even had a real conversation before.

So I managed a weak, "I see."

"You wanna see my cat?" he'd asked me with a huge grin on his face.

Oh, I thought to myself, he's one of those people who are proud of their pets. I guess I can deal with that.


And 5 seconds later, Karl announced that he'd dropped it in my local Dropbox.

I was curious.

And then I found this.

I laughed out loud. Like, really loudly.

"Do you like my cat?" Karl asked with one of the biggest smiles I'd seen all week.

Yes, I do, Karl, and thank you for breaking the ice.

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