Friday, April 23, 2010

14 Sai no Haha

The gist of it: 14 year old junior high student gets pregnant and decides that she will keep the baby.

Now, this Jdorama has many, many cliches which I frown upon.

Case points:

  • To illustrate that Miki is pregnant, we see a shot of her clutching her tummy. Repeat 500 times.
  • The doctors in the hospitals are always male, and very handsome. Enter Sorimachi Takashi from Great Teacher Onitzuka fame.
  • Children are completely capable of producing their offspring on their own and it's alright with everyone else around them. Our very own Ichinose Miki.

I don't hate this drama, but you hardly see the growing up and maturity it seems to promise from the start of the movie. There was no big difference of change in the 14 year old.

The Ichinose family is pretty damn awesome, though, as one can expect of an entirely supportive family of a pregnant 14 year old (expelled) student.

I have to say, the bits that made me cry, were the bits with the family in it. Father loses his good paying job because of the shame Miki has brought upon the family. Mother meets a tabloid writer who writes about her daughter. Son doesn't know what the fuss is with the big sister, but holds her hand and stands by her with blind loyalty.

Ah, it warms the soul.

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