Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Status: Thinking of home

I'm not a person who suffers from homesickness.

In general, that is.

But of course, one could always refer to my stint in China and prove otherwise. For that, I have to agree, because it is a case like no other.

Today, I'm thinking of home.

Of the youngest brother who's busy climbing the corporate ladder and hardly home.

Of the parents who always look so much older whenever I'm done with my shoots.

Ever since we sent the maid home to Jakarta to see her dying husband (and she never took the returning flight back here), my parents seemed to have aged quite a bit.

They stopped having regular meals, just because they don't feel like it. And I've noticed that it happens only when it's only the two of them at home.

Now with the eldest moved out, me in the jungle, and the youngest hardly home, I wonder if they are eating at all.

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