Sunday, August 8, 2010

RIP Julia Chuah Sheau Yen

I was doing some Facebook stalking when I came across an apparent tweet or status update or whatever you call it, about Julia's death.

I was shocked, yes. For when I went to her page, I saw links to newspaper articles with her picture on it.

People don't usually have articles in the newspaper written about them upon death. And this, was a really unpleasant article.

It made me so, so uneasy to read it. I didn't like the things they said in the article.

The last I saw Julia was a number of years ago. And I remember, as a freshman in college, how flattered I was when she spoke to Emily and I, offered us a job.

Here she is, a senior, a model, beautiful. And there I was, an awkward skinny teenager, straight out from high school. Julia, talking to me.

I was awestruck, I have to say.

She was always nice to me, no airs about her.

And that was really all I remembered about Julia.

Then today, the news about her death.

Thank you, for the opportunity almost 10 years ago.

You will be missed, Julia Chuah Sheau Yen (1979-2010).

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