Saturday, February 10, 2007

Because I'm too lazy to write

The last braces-related post in a long time.

My eyebags are bigger than my Miu Miu =(


Faith-Ashleigh said...

OMG gotta say it felt a bit weird hearing you and seeing you speak and all that man...I mean, it has been forever since I last saw you after all!!

So braces huh, I wish I had the guts, but I hate and am absolutely terrified of the dentist :-S

And yes the purple is pretty...I like purple ^_^

Btw, you should have just blog videos from now on, I say, much more entertaining ;)

Disco Ball Pixie said...

i know videos are much more entertaining but it takes a lot of brain power to think of what to say =P and i'm a bit too lazy for that. hahahahaha.