Monday, February 12, 2007

Daddy's Birthday

We celebrated Daddy's birthday last month.

It must've been 10 years ago that we last took a picture together as a family.

Daddy turned 55 this year.

When we walked in to the restaurant, he bumped into his high school friend.

Drama, right?

And that uncle-something said,
"Wah, 55 years old ah. Time to retire lah!"

Is. Quite. Char. Dou.

So Daddy said, "No lah. You retire first lah. You're older than me mah."

Uncle-something bounced back with "Eh, we're in the same class last time what. I haven't celebrated my birthday this year you know!"

At this point, it was only polite for us to sit at the table quietly and pretend to discuss what we should order.

My mum insists that we take a picture together. There is absolutely no resemblance, as you can see.

I put this picture in because they both look so cute here =) Black and white is so old school, yo.


Michele said...

the best wishes of happy birthday from the italia

SweePing said...

I like black and white photo alot - like the old school feeling. And you guys do resemble each other lo :D

Disco Ball Pixie said...

michele> thank you =) i went to your blog, very nice pictures, pity i couldn't understand italian.

sweeping> i was thinking of putting another ACTUAL old school picture of my parents in for comparison, but then i got lazy. haha.

elaine said...

babe..your younger brother looks a whole lot like your dad hehehe :o) & aawwhh..what sweet pictures of a nice dinner union :D

Disco Ball Pixie said...

elaine> we haven't taken a picture as a family unit in a long time so this is quite special =)