Thursday, June 7, 2007

A bunch of pictures

Some other happy pictures I found in my phone =)

The infamous mr-wanna and I all dressed up on New Year's Eve. We inevitably got pissed drunk a few hours after that. 31st December '06

Brian Christie and Virginia Kennedy at the Cyberjaya futsal court, end of May '07. Virginia hates having her picture taken.

Pretty chandelier at Vincenzo in One Bangsar. Perfect place for a wedding proposal =) End of May '07

The apple of her mummy's eye. Cuddles somewhere mid '06 before Elaine and I got drunk on Absolut Vanilla in her garden.

So picturesque. I was late for work that day, but how could I not take a picture before the madness began? End of May '07, right at my doorstep.


mr wanna said...

What happen to my hair? Are you sure we weren't already drunk by then?

Disco Ball Pixie said...

that time you notchet mohawk lah. i think mohawk is your best look. kan we were still at starbucks before the fireworks.