Saturday, June 9, 2007

OTH marathon

OMG I just got back to watching One Tree Hill again.


Where I am right now (which is a lot slower than the rest of the world), Lucas dumped Anna for Brooke. And then Anna tells him she's bisexual. So Anna kisses Peyton, and Peyton goes back to this drug dealer dude for some coke. She's gonna pay for it except Jake turned up in time because Lucas called him in Savannah.

So back to Lucas. He got beaten up by Felix for dumping Anna and then Karen screams at him for not taking that AVM test and forbids him from playing basketball. In the midst of all this, Lucas stumbles on a call for Jules from Dan and discovers that Jules was hired by Dan to make Keith fall for her. And then when he does, she's supposed to break his heart.

Now, Dan had been lying to Deb about his medical results which certifies him fit as a fiddle so that he could be babied by Deb. Dan tells Karen that Deb slept with Keith, and when Karen asked Deb about it, Deb lied and said she didn't so the two women are having a tiff.

On Karen's side, she calls Andy up while he was out of town and a woman answers and tells Karen that Andy's in the shower. So Karen got all pissy about it and breaks up with Andy. Then later Andy tells her that the woman is actually someone he hit in an accident and she could've died then. So Andy feels guilty about it and sees her twice a year to remind himself of what he'd done.

Back to the kids. Mouth is secretly in love with Brooke and during their formal, he tells her that it was Felix who bought the dollhouse back for her, and it was Mouth who took Brooke back from Tric's opening night and took care of her, not Felix. Brooke then blows it off with Felix and gets Lucas to send her home.

On formal night, Chris got Haley to record a demo and she missed out on a good part of the dance where she and Nathan were crowned King and Queen of Tree Hill. Nathan finds out that the demo Haley recorded was actually a duet with Chris and he forbade her to see him again because he thinks Chris is hitting on his wife. So Haley gets pissed off because Chris has all these connections and can help her make music a career. Marriage was on the rocks for a bit. Turns out that Chris really is a slimeball who was hitting on Haley and even bought her a bus ticket to New York so they could run away together and live happily ever after. Oh yeah, they kissed. So Haley goes to the bus station and tells Chris that she can't leave Tree Hill and Nathan behind and then they kissed (again, and Jake saw this and told Peyton) and Chris left.

Haley goes home all confused and stuff to find that her sister Taylor had arrived unannounced and had made herself comfortable. Taylor's really hot and has a tattoo of a scorpion on her back, which Nathan saw when he helped her with her suitcase. Then Nathan remembers that Taylor's the first girl he'd ever had sex with and just realized the eww factor in the whole situation. Meanwhile, Haley's trying to work on their marriage and doesn't trust Taylor in the house because Taylor's been flirting with Nathan.

What else did I miss out on?

Oh, Dan made Keith the Vice President at the dealership.

Can you believe all this happened in just 3 episodes?

So drama.

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