Monday, April 14, 2008

Dinner at Italiannies with the girls. Tania felt underdressed because I felt like being overdressed. December 2007.

The first month of wearing braces still saw a huge gap in my teeth. But to be fair to what braces had done to me in the first month alone, my two front teeth were aligned in just about a week. December 2007.

Sharon the Ah Lian from Kluang. Hahahaha. We love making fun of her and her crazy hair. December 2007.

Flowers from The Gardens @ Mid Valley. We shouted, we fought, we cried, we made up. And we were proud of the end product. September 2007.

Was supposed to catch the sunset but I don't think my phone camera managed to get anything. Somewhere in 2008.

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blubbieMs said...

The dinner at Italiannies was taken in Jan la.. when I sapu-ed you all to Simon's birthday surprise which has the melted cake!