Thursday, April 10, 2008

When words fail me

Carol is one of my favorite EPs of all time. She looks like an assuming auntie-next-door. But once you get to know her, though still the auntie-next-door, she can swear like a sailor, demand a cigarette from me and weave in and out of traffic well above the speed limit. 2007.

Lina is back in KL once a year. And she always made it a point to meet up and we've always had at least one meal together when she's back. Siva was our class's sole prefect and accomplice in hiding all our barang larangan on days when we have spot checks. January 2007.

While waiting for the queen herself at Quant's surprise party. We couldn't order and we were starving. She turned up about an hour later. January 2007.

The day I met Wendy, we went shopping together but walked away empty handed. She invited me back to her house after that where she whipped out a bunch of presents and told them they were for me. January 2007.

These are lilies. They are my favorite flowers. Do not give me red or pink roses because they are cheesy and they look cheap. Remember that these are lilies and they are my favorite flowers. Picture taken during a shoot that saw many arguments and tears. September 2007.

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