Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Visuals once enticing

Once upon a time, they caught my eye.

How I could have forgotten about them months after, it baffles me.

Sashmar's very miserable indomee accompanied with a splatter of ketchup. Egg, sunny side up, only came 5 minutes after Sashmar had taken approximately 30 seconds to gobble up his indomee. June 2008.

Sashmar's very miserable indomee. Further explanation, please refer to the above picture. June 2008.

Sunset in Pulau Tioman. The 5 of us travelled 7 states in 3 days, this being the very first. June 2008.

Another shot of the sunset, possibly the only consolation to our tired bodies and weary minds for the next 2.5 days to follow. June 2008.

Yet another shot of the sun setting quickly. We had only 20 minutes to recce the entire resort due to glitches in our tight travel plans. June 2008.

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