Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Flashback

On the last day of the year, I look back on the things I've done.

In no particular order, in 2008, I:

  1. Lined my first shoot in Bangkok.
  2. Fulfilled a lifelong dream of traveling to Cambodia and watching the sunrise in Angkor Wat.
  3. Attended my first beach wedding in Langkawi.
  4. Discovered what some people really think of me.
  5. Spent 60 days traveling.
  6. Travelled to more states in the country in 3 weeks than I have ever been in this lifetime.
  7. Flew to Sabah for the first time.
  8. Was given my very first Ipod Shuffle.
  9. Was given my very first Ipod Nano less than a month after I got the Shuffle.
  10. Went on a big family holiday and really enjoyed myself.
  11. Travelled to Japan with a broken heart and came home renewed.
  12. Lost my grandmother in a matter of hours and spent the entire day trying to fill into my parents' shoes.
  13. Fought and lost.
  14. Skyped every single night, save for a few.
  15. Lost everything in my hard disk twice.
  16. Realized how much I hated airport goodbyes.
  17. Bought my first pair of running shoes.
  18. Was jobless for 2 months.
  19. Produced my first music video.
  20. Considered going back to China but dropped it after some thought.
Happy new year everyone.

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