Monday, December 29, 2008

23 Nov 08 to 25 Nov 08

The Lee family's grand escapade to the Highlands.

Steamboat. Must. Eat. In. Cameron. Highlands. Must. Tasty.

Once we started eating, the jackets all came off.

Three generations. Minus some parents. Can you believe the eldest boy among the children is already 12 years old?

That picture you see in brochures and websites. I was there 20 odd years ago.

This boy came home 2 days before we left for the grand family holiday. This boy came home bearing gifts for me. YESSSSSSSS.

Spot the auntie.

One jump outside the Orang Asli Village for the album =)

The obligatory visit to the Boh Tea plantations.

This reminds me of Charlotte's Web.

My favorite.

Ingenious fly trap. Gross, but ingenious nonetheless.

No trip to Cameron is complete without strawberries. The kids had fun picking them but we all knew they were gonna be sour anyway.


I've always had a soft spot for forget-me-nots.

The supposed bee farm was such a con job. But I ended up buying a jar of pollen for my sinus anyway.

We stopped by a vegetable farm on our way home and they children helped their grandaunt pick cherry tomatoes.

I have no idea what this plant is called but it had strange fruit-like sacs that are just filled with air.
And this is when we all waved goodbye to Cameron.

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