Saturday, July 4, 2009


We've all been there before, experienced the power of an apology.

Maybe he hits you, makes you cry. As soon as he apologizes, you think to yourself, "He's sorry for what he's done." And everything is right again. For that moment.

Maybe he hurls abuse at you, makes you feel worthless. Then he apologizes. All is forgiven.

Maybe he's never thought of a future with you, maybe he's stringing you along till the next best thing in a skirt sashays along. You question him, he apologizes. You're momentarily comforted.

Me, I know that nothing really matters when an apology is made. He's said sorry, what more should I expect?

But everything will be right only for today, possibly in the couple of days to come. The apology meditates in my mind.

And then the day will come, when I snap out of it and wonder why you apologize for something you really shouldn't have done in the first place.

If I tell you today that what you are about to do will hurt me very deeply, would you have stopped yourself from the inevitable apology that is bound to follow?

Truth be told, I doubt it.

Because you know exactly the power that an apology has over me.

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